Health is Wealth (in some countries)

/ Wednesday, October 17 /
Foreign Policy has an article that caught my eye

After reading extensively (mostly every other day in the news) on the dismal performance of the NHS, and squabbling by the Tories and Labour on spending, it seems to me that answer does not just lie in more fiscal spending, but a complete change in culture and approach to the NHS.

1. Japan - not surprising, since Japan's notorious lifestyle is balanced well with fresh fish and rice.

2. Sweden - high cancer survival rate, and the Govt. follows its exuberant spending on health care (nearly 14% of GDP) with holistic social care - this can only mean longer evening walks for many swedes in the generations ahead.

3. Iceland - What? Alas, besides having a sweet tooth, Iceland can take great pride in having one of the lowest child mortality rates in the whole world. Only Singapore can match Iceland in this. Perhaps, this shows that having one of the best pro-natal policies in the world does pay large dividends.

4. France - Sarcozy might have stirred up the corridors the 5th Republic with a burst of fresh air, or let's just say an inviting cover page for L'Express and religious joggers all over the world to ponder on. The French have high fat in their diets, but long meals and a glass of red wine seems to be answer for a healthier life.

5. Cuba - Salute Raul Castro! Maybe not! But, it does have an impressive health care system despite limited resources.
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