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/ Thursday, April 24 /
After seeing the list, there are a few names that scream out for me. Particularly the ones i read on a daily basis include: Martin Worlf, Christopher Hitchens, Fareed Zakaria, William Easterly, Jeffrey Sachs, Lomborg, Richard Dawkins, Paul Collier, Paul Krugman, Samantha Power, Richard Posner, Nouriel Roubini, Niall Ferguson, Ohran Pamuk, Robert Putnam, James Lovelock, Lawrence Summers and of course, Noam Chomsky.

Other notable names that i across occasionally include the excellent NYU anti-sachs economist - William Easterly and Vaclav Havel. I remember attending a lecture when Havel was visiting Columbia University in fall 2006 with Bill Clinton; it was memorable for its witty exchange.

So 23 names on the regular reading list - not bad at all. I am not sure if Samantha Power should be on the list; she might have been included due to the recent scandal that forced her to resign from the OBAMA campaign.

One notable omission at least in my view is Professor Dani Rodrik of Harvard. He is leading the way in better understanding institutions and governance link.
The Top 100 Public Intellectuals
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