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/ Friday, July 11 /

Looking through my old emails, i found this picture and email exchange with Professor Phelps on the day he won the Nobel Prize in Economics, and how wonderfully we had a seminar in the afternoon on the same day. Then after the above picture was taken, i walked with him back to his office in the SIPA building (good 10 min walk) during which i can recall talking about the US Depression in the 30's and how growing up then affected his life's academic work.

Oh, there was just 5 students taking the seminar that term. Maybe this was because of the 15 page reading list.

Professor Phelps conveniently finished the fall seminar two weeks earlier before end of term and left us to receive his prize. Our small seminar group were a bit upset initially, but an easy final exam made us forgive him immediately .


I know you would be flooded with emails right now, but i am never been so excited with some one winning the Nobel prize ever before, and who is currently teaching me this term.
World Economic Problems course will surely have more students whenever you offer it again.

This course has not only been very interesting but your deep insights and great "memory" from past experiences really makes it great.

I hope you will keep teaching this course this term. See you in class tomorrow.

Gaurav (the person who lives in Austria)

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Professor Phelp's quick reply:

Thanks, Gaurav. See you this afternoon. (Conceivably I will be a few minutes late.)

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