UK local authorities ..... enough said...

/ Tuesday, October 21 /
After spending some time on finding out whether i am eligble for a council tax discount, i came across the list below.

Who can receive a discount?

Here is the full list of people who are discounted for Council Tax purposes:

Full-time students, student nurses, apprentices and those on Youth Training courses
People in hospital
People being cared for in residential homes, nursing homes, hospices, mental nursing homes and hostels providing a high level of care
People who are severely mentally impaired
People kept in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983
People in certain night shelters
Monks and nuns
Students who are 19 or who have just left school
Care workers on low pay and usually working for charity, such as Community Service volunteers People caring for someone with a disability, other than a spouse, partner or child under 18

Convicted prisoners and those on remand, except those who are in jail for not paying fines or Council Tax

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