Obama's Economists

/ Saturday, November 8 /

If the World is facing the most severe crises since the Great Depression, Obama's Economic policy advisers are some very famous academics and policymakers ready to step in-

* Jason Furman (director of economic policy)
* Austan Goolsbee (senior economic policy advisor), University of Chicago tax policy expert
* Karen Kornbluh (policy director)
* David Cutler, Harvard health policy expert
* Jeff Liebman, Harvard welfare expert
* Michael Froman, Citigroup executive
* Daniel Tarullo, Georgetown law professor
* David Romer, Berkeley macroeconomist
* Christina Romer, Berkeley economic historian
* Richard Thaler, University of Chicago behavioral finance expert
* Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary
* Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary
* Alan Blinder, former Vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve
* Jared Bernstein, Economic Policy Institute labor economist
* James Galbraith, University of Texas macroeconomist
* Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1979-1987
* Laura Tyson, Berkeley international economist, Bill Clinton economic adviser
* Robert Reich, Berkeley public policy professor, former Secretary of Laborweblog
* Peter Henry, Stanford international economist
* Gene Sperling, former White House economic adviser
* Heidi Hartmann, President, Institute for Women's Policy Research

Other prominent economists who support Obama:

* Brad Delong, Berkeley macroeconomist
* Joseph Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel laureate
* Edmund Phelps, 2006 Nobel laureate (see blog history)
* Ray Fair, Yale macroeconomist
* Dan McFadden, 2000 Nobel laureate
* Robert Solow, 1987 Nobel laureate
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