How British politics lost its way

/ Sunday, May 24 /

Peter Hitchens in true Hitchens fashion (brother of Christopher Hitchens) talks about the need for a new political compass in a world where traditional boundaries between the Left and Right no longer exist. One of the best things in the whole talk is when he recalls Australian liberal Richard Neville who said, "there is an inch of difference between the political parties, and in that inch is where we all live."

Left-wingers backed the invasion of Iraq and Tories campaign for civil liberties yet conventional wisdom insists on operating as if the age-old divisions between political parties still apply, argues journalist, author and broadcaster Peter Hitchens. In his new book The Broken Compass How British Politics lost its way, Peter Hitchens, who writes for the Mail on Sunday, argues that the real divide is between politicians and the electorate and is both a threat to Parliament and to society. Peter Hitchens takes on the “conformist media” for continuing to adhere to such obsolete notions of Left and Right and calls for the re-establishment of proper adversarial politics based on principle.
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