The New New Economy

/ Tuesday, May 26 /

Three Important Trends: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity

Detroit Reimagined: In the 1980s, MIT Professor Tom Malone predicted that some big companies would breakup into many smaller hundreds of companies - a process to "decentralize and externalize" into industry ecosystems. He told the Wired (1998) interview that "this sort of voluntary, radical disaggregation in an attractive alternative for some large organizations." Attractive to those behemoths that are suffering under the a vertical top-down hierarchical system. For the "Big Three" carmakers to survive in Detroit, they will have to tap into innovation done by startups all over the world through collarboration or down-right buying them out.

Googlenomics Explained: Steven Levy explains that the secret is that Google deploys a bott-up model for ad sales that is driven by hard numbers.

Socialism Redefined: "A century ago, mass collective action could be organized only by the
state. Now we have the Web. Kevin Kelly resurrects socialism—without
the state—in "The New Socialism'".

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