Attended: EU's NILE Project in Sweden

/ Saturday, June 6 /

NILE stands for New Improvements for Ligno-cellulosic Ethanol and is an EU-funded research project. The project’s over-arching goals are to develop cost-effective, environmentally-sound methods for the mass production of ethanol as a vehicle fuel.

The Trip: Skavsta Airport to Örnsköldsvik (8 hours one way by car)

Örnsköldsvik (1.6.2009)

1. BAFF (Bioalcohol fuel foundation) - The process of changing the society ( Jan Lindstedt, VD SEKAB industrial development)

2. The cellulosic ethanol pilot plant- Site visit (Maria Edlund, R&D engineer SEKAB E-technology)

3. The Domsjo sulphite fiber mill - From paper/pulp mill to bio-refinery

4. Övik Energi CHP Plant -A site visit at the newly constructed heat and power plant which is owned and operated by the municipal energy company, Övik Energi

Umeå (2.6.2009)

1. The Gideå tree nursery, Holmen skog: Swedish forest management

2. Green zone: A sustainable platform for providing service to motorists

31st April - 3rd June, 2009

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