Love, learn, forgive, forget and move on

/ Saturday, September 17 /
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It is so difficult to build something together (this was a very long summer), yet so easy to burn bridges in a matter of seconds.
I never thought i would be sitting in the Hertie library all alone by myself today - on a Saturday, but we are born alone and we die alone. I shouldn't complain too much.
Finding happiness within ourselves is easy, but understanding the other person is rather hard.
No compromise, no solution.
This month brings about so many changes. Losing my beloved red card to losing my fears, this will be a month to remember.

And, yes, i do miss the love of my life a lot today. Every second, every minute, every day. Infinitely. (Find me.) 

Photo taken today, 
Saturday, September 17, 2011 
- The Jewish Cemetery, Berlin
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