Revolutionary Street Art: Libya Edition

/ Sunday, September 18 /
                       Graffiti commemorating the Revolution of Feb. 17 

                               Qaddafi with 'Green Book' shackles.

                  Qaddafi has "fucked" Libya and its people for 42 years.

Swastikas and Stars of David. Qaddafi and his sons attempt to flee Libya with sacks full of money.

Qaddafi gets the Libyan people's boot. Revolutionary graffiti on side reads "Human insecticide.Production date: September 1, 1969 (date of Qaddafi's military coup). Expiry date: February 17, 2011."

The Libyan people have spoken. Street art on (the destroyed) headquarters of Qaddafi Brigades, Benghazi

                                          Don't fear the dictator!

Libyans express themselves freely after 42 years of censorship and dictatorship.

                             Street art by British solidarity activists.

Libyan street artists vent their anger towards Qaddafi and his dictatorial regime following 42 years of oppression.

                                    Anti-Qaddafi graffiti on pillars.

                        Misspelled message to Qaddafi. You get the meaning.

                                        Wanted: Dictator Mu'amar

Spray-painted image of Qaddafi on the wall of a building which has been converted into the "Tyrant's war-crimes museum."

                           Libyan victory sign painted on a store front.

                           Qaddafi's tail gets caught in the mousetrap.

                   Bombs fall out of Qaddafi's afro, decorated with swastika.

Image of anti-colonialist freedom-fighter Omar al-Mokhtar. Qaddafi screaming at this historic revolutionary.

Graffiti on building quotes freedom fighter Omar al-Mokhtar: "We shall never surrender. We shall be victorious, or die."

          Qaddafi "The Butcher" with serpent tongue coming out of his mouth.

        Anarchy sign in Benghazi's media center. My foot on Qaddafi door mat.

                 Graffiti on garbage can reads: "Donations for Qaddafi."

Art is more powerful than guns. After seeing these amazing pieces of street art, it is clear the we can choose to fight anarchy with art and win. 

Copyright © Gaurav Monga