Visited: The Leopold Museum

/ Tuesday, November 13 /


Egon Schiele's paintings were much explicit than another temporary exhibition that is causing a lot of conversation in Vienna these days. The Japanese temporary exhibition - on the crises and disaster in Fukashima - was disappointing, even when there was the 'famous Great Wave' by Hakusai on display (at least one of many copies floating in Europe at the moment).

There was also a small display on how Vienna has evolved and how much it owes to the planning of architect Otto Wagner. He had a good measure of art and its importance for a country like Austria.

"It is certain that the day will come where nothing visible to the eye is conceived without artistic anointment. One should always remember that the art of a nation is not only the measure of its property, but also of its intelligence."

Gustav Mahler playing the background accentuated the hours to feel like days. A lovely Sunday.

11th Nov, 2012
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