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"Facebook's biggest problem is us. It never turns its attention away from us, and it never lets our attention turn away from it. To borrow from Annie Dillard, Facebook is the constant verbalization of our awareness, it is the nagging need to experience every moment in anticipation of a moment yet to come: the mechanical drip of serotonin that comes with every 'like.' Self-consciousness is 'the one thing that divides us from all creatures,' Dillard wrote. 'It was a bitter birthday present from evolution, cutting us off at both ends.'

I killed Facebook before it had a chance to kill me. It destroys the present moment, leaving us only with the metadata of experience; ultimately meaningless traces of what we now think looks like real experience. It does this by locking us in a room with ourselves, our self-consciousness, and throwing away the key."

(Via.I killed Facebook and left its body in the woods | The Verge)

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