No meat

/ Thursday, March 12 /

Why? Why now? These questions arise but thankfully I already believe I feel a lot better both in ethical and health terms. All my life there has been a trend of eating less and less meat. Now, this trend finally has pushed me over the line - I no longer want to have meat and with time any urge will go away. Same thing happened when i was around 18 and decided to leave carbonated drinks; this little experiment has worked well and now if ever I drink any colas, there is no desire to drink more. The biggest reason why I have become a pescetarian is after watching a documentary called “Lucent” that exposes, maybe simply documents, at great length the unbelievably bad conditions of the Australian pig farming industry. Even before this decision, i never really had a lot of pork, if at all. My diet maybe included some burgers now and then and this too from good quality burger joints that put Mcdonalds to shame. However, after watching this documentary I was simply amazed how smart pigs really are to what they are perceived to be by the general population. Call it ignorance or something else, pigs are remarkable creatures and seeing how they are treated in a developed country like Australia made me feel that conditions in other countries, in particular in developing countries would be difficult to digest for most reasonable people. How other animals are treated maybe is something i am sure will repulse a lot of people who eat meat. People protest everywhere and this is my stand - at  least for this year — to live with no meat and argue for better treatment for animals if they are to be slaughtered for the meat industry. I am not against people having meat; I just believe I have to make a personal stand on this with a lot of conviction. (No more burgers this year.)

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